Mary Cowger

About 5 years ago a dear friend of mine called in tears because her son had just been diagnosed with autism. As a mom and friend I wanted to do anything I could to help. Her pediatrician suggested that exposer to anything tactile, such as kinetic sand, marbles etc. would be helpful. As it turned out moss was also on that list. Not only did I feel grateful for finding something, however small, that could possibly help her sons illness, I also found the concept and beauty of having mother nature within my reach incredibly soothing and wellโ€ฆ natural.

So started my journey down the creation of my own Moss walls and eventually Austin Moss Creations.
I have had the amazing opportunity to meet other artists who enjoy this type of work and each have helped me in my journey to discovering a passion that I absolutely love. When Iโ€™m not taking care of my two sons you will find me in my studio, blasting music and painting the world green, one moss wall at a time.

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