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Austin Moss Creations

Simone - Painting with Black and White Reindeer Moss

Simone - Painting with Black and White Reindeer Moss

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I had the incredible opportunity to work with artist Delia Midamba in the creation of Simone! Using white and black reindeer moss as hair brought Delia's stunning work to life! This beautiful painting and moss design makes a gorgeous statement piece in any room!  Simone measures 30" H x 30" W in a barn wood frame. 

Each of our moss designs are individually hand-crafted, so there will be slight variations to each piece. Please contact us if you would like any modifications made and we will do our best to accommodate.

Unlike living walls, our preserved moss designs are 100% MAINTENANCE FREE and give a “living wall” look without the hassle and ongoing expense involved in upkeep. You simply hang it and enjoy!

Moss walls are not only beautiful pieces of art they are also natural sound barriers, and air purifiers and have been shown to increase productivity within the workplace.

All of our Moss Wall Designs are made using REAL plants that have been carefully preserved to maintain their original state and beauty. Some of the materials we use to create our Moss Walls include: preserved pillow, reindeer and mood moss, fern, natural branches, grape wood, lichen, mushrooms, and different types of wild plants.

 Most orders are shipped within weeks but may take up to 4-6 weeks.

For custom designs or sizes please call us at 737-888-4602 and we will make it happen!


42” W x 62”T x 7” D

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