We bring the beauty and tranquility of nature to you and your space.

Moss Walls

Office Reception Area, Board Rooms, & Home Spaces

Elegant Moss Walls

Transform any space into a lush one, enriched with nature!

We can customize your Moss Wall or Panel Art to your specific needs and wants from residential or commercial areas. We can incorporate various natural materials such as; mosses, ferns, lichen, natural branches and reclaimed wood, and other botanical elements.

All Austin Moss Creations designs are naturally preserved, making it effortless to care for and maintain.  We love doing custom work, and look forward to working with you  to bring the beauty of nature into your space.

Moss Panels

Home & Residential

Moss Art Panels

We love doing custom-tailored projects and look forward to collaborating with you! From framing options and types of moss and colors to the overall design, we will customize and tailor your Moss Art to what you like and your needs specifically.

Custom Moss Art

Our Process

Pick Your Materials

We love doing Custom -Tailored projects! Let us customize and tailor your Moss Art to what you like, and Your needs are specific.

Transform any space into a warm and inviting environment you and your guests will enjoy for years to come. 100% Natural & Maintenance free!