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Austin Moss Creations

The Coast - Stunning Epoxy and preserved moss design

The Coast - Stunning Epoxy and preserved moss design

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This unique moss wall design depicts an aerial view of Mandarina, Mexico’s coastline. Pillow and reindeer moss have been used to represent the lush rainforest while a combination of white and blue epoxy brings the ocean to life. This design is a stunning piece that will bring a sense of tranquility and beauty to any space.

Unlike “living” walls, which require daily maintenance, our preserved moss walls and decor are 100% MAINTENANCE FREE. Therefore you can experience all the beauty and health benefits of living walls without any additional expense or hassle, you simply hang it and enjoy!

Moss walls are not only beautiful pieces of art they are also natural sound barriers and air purifiers They have been shown to increase productivity within the workplace as well as relive stress and anxiety.

All of our moss wall designs are made using REAL plants that have been carefully preserved in order to maintain their original state and beauty. Some of the materials we use to create our moss walls include: preserved pillow, reindeer and mood moss, fern, natural branches, grape wood, lichen, mushrooms, and different types of wild plants.

Each of our moss designs are individually hand crafted so there will be slight variations to each piece. Please contact us if you would like any modifications made and we will do our best to accommodate.

Framing Options:

Borderless or framed.

Vertical or horizontal orientation.

If framed you can chose from three colors: Barn Wood, True Black or Chestnut. 

Custom Designs ship within 6-8 weeks

"Ready to ship" designs ship within 3-5 days

For custom designs or sizes please contact us at 737-373-2603



42” W x 62”T x 7” D

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